Content Words label an object or action. They include Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, and Adverbs.


A noun is a word (other than a pronoun) that specifies a person, place, or thing.

A common noun refers to a person, place, or thing generally.

A proper noun refers to a specific person, place, or thing. Proper nouns start with a capital letter.

Noun Examples

Common Noun Proper Noun
woman Jane
man Andy
dog Mary Puppins


A verb, a "doing" word, describes what a person or thing does, or what happens. For example:

run, rain, grow, be


An adjective names an attribute of a noun. For example:

red, tall, old


Adverbs describe a verb, an adjective or another adverb. They tell us how, where, when, why and with what frequency. For example:

cheerfully, quickly, longingly