The Emotion Word groupings are from the NRC Emotion Lexicon - a list of English words and their associations with eight basic emotions (anger, fear, anticipation, trust, surprise, sadness, joy, and disgust) and two sentiments (negative and positive). The annotations were manually done by crowdsourcing.

The 20 Most Frequently Used English Words

  1. I
  2. the
  3. and
  4. to
  5. a
  6. of
  7. that
  8. in
  9. it
  10. my
  11. is
  12. you
  13. was
  14. for
  15. have
  16. with
  17. he
  18. me
  19. on
  20. but

From The Secret Life of Pronouns, by James Pennebaker

Positive Words

zest, zealous, zeal, youth, younger, young, writer, wot, worthy, worth, worship, working, word, wondrous, wonderfully, wonderful, womb, wizard, witty, wits, withstand, wit, wise, wisdom, wis, wireless, winnings, winning, winner, windfall, willingness, willingly, widespread, wicket, wholesome, whiteness, white, welcomed, weatherproof, wealth, waterproof, watchman, watchful, watchdog, warrior, warranty, wages, vow, vouch, voluptuous, volunteer, vocabulary, vivid, vivacious, vitality, vital, visitor, visit, visionary, vision, virtuous, virtue, virginity, virgin, vindication, vindicated, villager, vigorous, vigor, vigilant, vigilance, victory, victorious, victor, vicar, veteran, verve, vernal, veritable, verily, verified, verification, verdant, veracity, veneration, venerable, velvety, velvet, vanquish, vanguard, valuable, valor, valiant, vaccine, vacation, utopian, utility, usual, usher, usefulness, upright, uplift, unwavering, unsurpassed, unselfish, unscathed, unquestioned, unquestionably, unquestionable, unpretentious, unlimited, university, unity, united, unitary, unison, unique, uninfected, uniformly, unification, unfold, unequivocally, undying, undivided, underwrite, understanding, underline, unconstrained, unbroken, unbreakable, unbiased, unassuming, unanimous, unanimity, umpire, ultimately, twinkle, twin, tutor, tutelage, truthfulness, truth, trusty, TRUE, truce, trophy, triumphant, triumph, trig, tribute, tributary, trendy, trend, tremendously, tree, treasure, traveling, transcendental, transcendence, tranquility, tranquil, traditional, towering, tower, toughness, top, toleration, tolerant, toast, title, tinsel, timely, tiling, tickle, throne, thriving, thrilling, thrill, thrift, thoughtfulness, thoughtful, thoroughbred, thinker, therapeutics, therapeutic, theoretical, thanksgiving, thankful, tenderness, tender, tenant, tenancy, tenacity, tenacious, tenable, tempered, temperance, technology, teacher, teach, tasty, tasteful, task, tanned, talk, talisman, talent, tale, tact, synod, synergistic, synchronize, symphony, sympathy, sympathetic, symmetry, symmetrical, symbolic, swim, swift, sweets, sweetness, sweetie, sweetheart, sweet, swear, survive, surveying, surprise, surpassing, surmise, surety, supremely, supreme, supporting, supporter, supported, supply, supplies, supplication, superstar, superman, superiority, superior, superhuman, superb, sunshine, sunset, sunny, sun, sultry, suitable, sugar, sufficiency, succinct, successful, success, succeeding, succeed, substantive, substance, sublimation, sturdy, study, stud, structure, strongly, strikingly, striking, strengthening, strengthen, strength, strategist, strategic, straightforward, store, stillness, steward, stellar, steadfast, staunch, status, statue, statement, stately, starry, starlight, star, standing, stamina, stalwart, stallion, stainless, staccato, stable, spruce, spouse, spotless, sponsor, splendor, splendid, spirits, spirit, spice, spelling, speedy, speech, specie, special, sparkle, spaniel, spacious, spa, soup, soundness, sorter, soothing, soothe, sonorous, sonnet, sonata, sonar, solvency, solution, solidity, solid, soldier, solace, sociable, sobriety, snicker, smoothness, smitten, smiling, smile, slim, slender, sleek, slate, sky, skillful, skilled, sisterhood, sir, singly, sing, sincerity, sincere, simplify, silk, shrewd, shoulder, shopping, shining, shine, shepherd, shelter, share, shapely, shape, sex, settlor, serum, sermon, serenity, sentinel, sentimentality, sentimental, sensuous, sensuality, sensibly, sensibility, sense, sensational, seniority, secretariat, seasoned, seal, sea, sculpture, scrumptious, script, scribe, score, scintilla, scientist, scientific, scholarship, scholar, savvy, savory, savor, savings, save, satisfied, satisfactorily, satin, sanitary, sanguine, sanctuary, sanctify, sanctification, samurai, salve, salvation, salute, salutary, salient, salary, saintly, saint, sage, safeguard, safe, ruth, rubric, royalty, routine, rota, rosy, rooted, romp, romanticism, romantic, romance, rollicking, rod, rock, robust, roadster, riveting, rising, ripen, ripe, rightly, rightful, righteous, rider, richness, ribbon, rhythmical, rhythm, reward, revolutionary, revival, revise, reverie, reverend, reverence, revere, revels, revel, reunion, retention, resumption, restraint, restoring, restorative, restitution, restful, rest, responsive, responsible, resplendent, respite, respects, respecting, respectful, respectable, respectability, respect, resources, resolutely, resistive, resilient, resident, reserve, rescue, reputable, reproductive, represented, repose, reporter, replete, replenish, repent, repay, reparation, reorganize, renowned, renown, renovation, renovate, renewal, render, renaissance, remodel, remission, remedy, remarkably, remarkable, remake, relieving, relief, reliance, reliable, reliability, relevant, relaxation, rejuvenated, rejuvenate, rejoicing, rejoice, reinstate, reinforcement, reimbursement, reimburse, rehabilitation, rehabilitate, regulate, regularity, regent, regal, refurbish, refreshing, reformer, reformation, reform, refinement, refine, redress, redemption, rectify, recreational, recreation, recovery, recoup, recorder, reconstruction, reconstruct, reconsideration, reconciliation, recommend, recognizable, recline, reclamation, reciprocate, recherche, receiving, received, recast, rebate, reassure, reassurance, reason, real, reaffirm, reading, readiness, readily, reader, rational, rapture, rapt, radio, radiate, radiant, radiance, quinine, quiet, quiescent, quickness, question, quest, qualifying, qualified, quaint, purr, purity, purist, purify, purification, purely, puppy, punctuality, punctual, pulpit, pull, public, psalm, prudent, prudence, providing, provide, proverbial, prove, proud, protector, protective, protecting, protect, prosperous, prosperity, prosper, prospect, proposition, prophylactic, prophet, proper, prop, promotion, promising, promise, prominently, prominence, prolific, progressive, progression, progress, profuse, proficient, proficiency, professor, professional, profession, productivity, productive, production, producing, producer, prodigy, prodigious, procure, proctor, procession, procedure, probity, privileged, pristine, principal, princess, princely, prince, primer, prime, primary, primacy, priestly, priesthood, priest, pride, priceless, prevention, prevail, pretty, presto, prestige, president, preserve, preservative, presentable, present, presence, prescient, prepared, prepare, premises, premier, prefer, preeminent, predominant, predilection, precision, precise, precious, precedence, precede, precaution, pray, praiseworthy, praised, praise, practise, practiced, practice, powerfully, powerful, potency, potable, possess, portable, population, popularized, popularity, pope, pool, politic, politeness, polite, polished, polish, policeman, police, pointedly, ply, plush, plumb, plum, plexus, plentiful, plenary, pledge, pleasurable, pleased, pleasant, playhouse, playground, playful, planning, placid, pivot, pith, pious, pioneer, pinnacle, pilot, pillow, pill, piety, picturesque, picnic, pick, physique, physiology, physics, physician, phonetic, phoenix, philosopher, philanthropy, philanthropist, pharmaceutical, pertinent, personable, persistent, persistence, perpetuity, permission, perk, performer, perfection, perfect, perennial, perceptible, perceive, penchant, peerless, pedigree, peculiarity, peck, peacock, peaceful, peaceable, peace, pay, patronage, patron, patriarchal, patient, patience, patent, pasture, pastry, pastor, pastime, passionate, passion, partnership, partner, participation, partake, parietal, parentage, pardon, paramount, paragon, paprika, panier, panache, panacea, palliative, palatable, paddle, padding, pad, pacific, ownership, overwhelming, overjoyed, outward, outdo, outcome, ornate, ornamented, originality, orgasm, organized, organize, organization, organic, ordination, orderly, ordained, orchestra, oration, oracle, optional, option, optimist, optimism, opportunity, opportune, opera, openness, omniscient, offshoot, offset, officer, offer, occupy, occupation, occupant, obvious, obtainable, observant, obliging, objective, obedience, oath, oasis, oak, nutritious, nurture, nursery, nurse, numbers, nourishment, notion, noted, notables, notable, normality, nomination, nobleman, noble, nobility, nestle, nerve, neighbor, negotiator, negotiate, needle, nectar, neatly, navigable, naturalist, nap, mutual, mutable, musical, music, muscular, mover, movable, motive, motherhood, mortar, morals, morality, moral, monument, monk, money, monetary, momentum, modesty, modest, moderator, moderate, model, missionary, mirth, miraculous, miracle, ministry, mindfulness, mindful, mime, mighty, midwifery, microscopy, mettle, metropolitan, merry, merriment, meritorious, merit, merge, mercy, merciful, mentor, menses, mending, memorable, memento, medley, mediterranean, meditate, medical, mediator, mediation, mediate, medal, measured, meadow, mayor, maximum, matron, matrimony, mate, mastery, masterpiece, master, massage, masculine, marvelously, marvelous, marvel, marshal, marry, marrow, marriage, marquis, marketable, marked, march, manufacturer, manners, mannered, manna, manly, manifested, manhood, mandarin, management, manage, majority, major, majesty, majestic, mainstay, main, maiden, magnificent, magnificence, magnetite, magnetism, magnet, magical, lyrical, lyre, luxury, luxurious, luxuriant, lustrous, luster, luscious, lucky, luck, loyalty, loyal, loving, lover, lovemaking, lovely, love, lovable, lordship, longevity, logical, lithe, lion, linguist, liking, lighthouse, lifeblood, library, liberty, liberation, liberate, leverage, level, lettered, lesson, lenient, lemma, leisurely, leisure, legible, legibility, legendary, legalized, legal, leeway, lecturer, learning, learn, league, leader, lead, lawful, lavish, laurels, laurel, laureate, launch, laughter, laughing, laugh, laudable, laser, landed, land, lamb, labor, kudos, knowledge, knowing, knight, knack, kitten, kiss, king, kindred, kindness, kind, keystone, keynote, ken, keepsake, justification, justifiable, justice, jump, judicious, judicial, jubilee, jubilant, joyous, joyful, joy, jovial, journey, journalist, joking, joker, joined, join, job, jest, jam, jackpot, irrefutable, irreducible, iron, inviting, invite, invitation, invigorate, investigate, inventor, inventive, invariably, intuitive, intuition, intrepid, intonation, intimate, interlude, interlocutory, interior, interesting, interested, interest, intercourse, intended, intelligent, intelligence, intellectual, intellect, integrity, intact, insure, instrumental, instructor, instruction, instruct, instinctive, inspired, inspire, inspiration, inspector, insignia, inseparable, inquisitive, inquiry, inquirer, innovation, innovate, innocuous, innocently, innocent, innocence, inimitable, inheritance, ingenious, information, influential, infinity, infinite, infant, infallible, inexpensive, ineffable, indomitable, individuality, indestructible, independence, indemnity, indelible, increase, inclusive, including, included, include, incisive, inauguration, inalienable, improvise, improving, improvement, improved, improve, impression, impress, important, importance, impervious, impeccable, impartiality, impartial, impart, immortal, immerse, immense, immaculate, imaginative, illustrious, illustrate, illumination, illuminate, idol, idealism, hymn, hygienic, hut, hush, husbandry, hurrah, humorous, humorist, humility, humbly, humbled, humanity, humanitarian, humane, hug, housekeeping, household, hospitality, horizon, hopeful, hope, honorable, honor, honeymoon, honey, honesty, honest, homology, homage, holy, holiness, holiday, hobby, hire, hilarity, hilarious, heyday, heroism, heroine, heroics, heroic, hero, herbal, helpful, helper, helmet, heft, heavens, heavenly, heartily, hearth, heartfelt, healthy, healthful, healing, heal, headway, haven, harvest, harmony, harmoniously, hardy, happy, happiness, happily, handy, hale, habitat, gymnast, guts, guru, guidebook, guide, guidance, gubernatorial, guardianship, guardian, guard, guarantee, growth, grow, groundwork, grit, grist, grin, gregarious, greeting, green, greatness, greater, gratitude, gratify, grateful, granted, grant, grandmother, grandeur, grandchildren, graduation, graciously, gracious, graceful, grace, govern, gospel, gorgeous, goodwill, goods, goodness, goodly, good, gold, godsend, godly, god, glowing, glow, gloss, glory, glorify, glorification, glittering, glimmer, glide, glee, gladness, glad, giving, girder, giggle, gigantic, gifted, gift, geranium, genuine, gentry, gentleness, gentleman, genteel, genius, genial, generous, generosity, general, gem, gear, gazette, garrison, garnet, garden, galore, gallantry, gallant, gaining, gain, fusion, fuse, fundamental, fun, fully, full, fulfillment, fulfill, fruitful, frugal, frolic, frisky, friendship, friendly, friendliness, friend, freely, freedom, fraternal, frankness, frank, fragrant, foundation, found, forward, fortune, fortunate, fortress, fortitude, fortify, forthcoming, forte, formula, formative, forgiving, forgiven, forgive, forge, foresight, foreseen, foresee, forerunner, foreman, foregoing, forefathers, fore, forbearance, football, food, fondness, focus, flying, flush, flowery, flow, floral, flexibility, fleet, flattering, fixture, fitting, firstborn, firmness, fireproof, fireball, finesse, finery, finally, fiesta, fidelity, fete, festive, festival, fervor, fertile, female, fellowship, fellow, felicity, feature, feat, fearless, favoritism, favorite, favorable, faultless, fashionable, fascination, fascinating, fanfare, fancy, famously, famous, familiarity, familiar, fame, faithful, faith, fairly, fair, fain, faculty, facts, facilitate, exuberance, extricate, extraordinary, extra, extensive, extend, exquisitely, exquisite, explain, expertise, expert, experienced, expedition, expedient, expectation, expect, exotic, existence, exhortation, exhort, exhilaration, exemption, exemplary, exciting, excitement, excited, excite, excitation, excitable, exchange, excellent, excellence, excel, exceed, exalted, exaltation, exalt, evolution, evident, everlasting, evergreen, ethics, ethical, esthetic, esteem, established, essential, esprit, erudite, errand, equity, equilibrium, equally, equality, epitome, epic, ephemeris, environ, enthusiast, enthusiasm, entertainment, entertaining, entertained, entertain, enterprising, ensign, ensemble, enrich, enliven, enlightenment, enlighten, enjoying, enjoy, enhance, engaging, engaged, energetic, endure, endurance, endowment, endowed, endow, endeavor, encyclopedia, encouragement, encourage, encore, enchanting, enchanted, enchant, enablement, enable, emulate, empower, empathy, emir, eminently, eminent, eminence, emeritus, embrace, emancipation, elucidate, eloquent, eloquence, elite, eligible, elevation, elegant, elegance, electricity, electric, elect, elders, elder, elated, elaboration, ejaculation, effort, efficient, efficiency, efficacy, effective, educational, educated, educate, edification, ecstatic, ecstasy, eat, easygoing, easement, ease, earnestness, earnestly, earnest, earn, earl, eagerness, eager, dutiful, durable, durability, duke, duet, downy, dove, doubtless, donation, don, dolphin, dogged, doer, doctor, divinity, diversion, diversified, ditty, distinction, distillation, disseminate, disposed, disinfection, discussion, discretionary, discretion, discreet, discovery, director, diplomatic, diplomacy, dinner, diligence, dignity, dignified, dietary, didactic, dictionary, diary, diamond, dexterity, devout, devotional, develop, determined, determination, detection, detect, destination, desirous, desiring, desirable, designer, deserved, deserve, descriptive, depth, demonstrative, demonstrable, democracy, delivery, deliverance, delightful, delighted, delight, delicious, deliberate, delegate, delectable, degree, definitive, deference, defense, defending, defender, defended, defend, dedication, declaratory, decent, decency, debate, dear, deal, dawn, daughter, dashing, darling, daring, dance, dame, cutters, cute, customer, cushion, curl, curiosity, curable, culture, cultivation, cultivated, cultivate, culmination, culinary, cuddle, crystal, crucial, crowning, critique, crescendo, credited, creditable, credit, credible, credibility, credential, credence, creative, create, cream, craftsman, craft, cradle, covenant, cove, courtship, courtesy, courteous, courageous, courage, countess, count, counselor, counsel, council, cosy, cosmopolitan, corroborate, correspondence, corrective, corporeal, corporation, coronation, core, cooperative, cooperation, cooperating, cooperate, coolness, cool, convince, convert, conversational, conversant, convention, convent, convenient, convenience, contributor, contribute, contour, continue, content, contemplation, contact, consummate, construct, constitutional, constant, constancy, consonant, console, consistency, considerate, considerable, conserve, conservation, consecration, consciousness, conscientious, conscience, connoisseur, congruence, congregation, congratulatory, congenial, conformance, confirmed, confident, confidence, confederate, conductivity, conducive, condone, condolence, concordance, concord, concluding, conciliation, concentric, comrade, comprehensive, comprehend, composure, composer, composed, compliment, compliant, compliance, completion, completing, completeness, completely, complementary, complement, complacency, competent, competency, competence, compensatory, compensate, compelling, compatible, compatibility, compassionate, compassion, companion, commute, commutation, community, communion, communicative, communicate, commonwealth, commodore, committed, commentator, commendable, commend, commemorative, commemoration, commemorate, commanding, commandant, comfort, colossal, colonel, collectively, cohesive, coherent, coherence, cognitive, cogent, coexist, coast, coalition, clown, clothe, closure, closeness, climax, cleverness, clever, clerical, clearness, clearance, cleansing, cleanse, cleanly, cleanliness, cleaning, clean, classify, classics, classical, classic, clarify, clap, clairvoyant, civilized, civilization, civility, civil, citizen, circumcision, cider, church, chuckle, chronicle, chowder, chosen, chorus, choral, choir, choice, chocolate, chivalry, chisel, chirp, childhood, child, chieftain, cherry, cherish, chemist, cheery, cheering, cheerfulness, cheerful, cheer, checklist, chattering, chastity, charming, charm, charity, charitable, charger, chant, champion, chairwoman, chairman, certainty, ceremony, cerebral, centurion, center, celestial, celebration, celebrating, celebrated, cautiously, cautious, cathedral, cathartic, cater, categorical, cash, cascade, carol, caretaker, caress, carefully, careful, career, captivating, captivate, captain, capitalist, candied, candidate, candid, canary, calm, calf, calculator, cafe, cabinet, cab, buzz, buxom, buttery, butler, buss, buoy, bulletproof, bulldog, building, build, buddy, brotherly, brotherhood, brother, brocade, brilliant, brightness, brighten, bridesmaid, bridegroom, bride, bridal, breakfast, bravery, brains, bouquet, bounty, bountiful, boon, bookshop, bookish, bonus, bonne, bonanza, bolster, boldness, bold, bodyguard, blossom, bloom, bloodless, blissful, bliss, blessings, blessing, blessed, bless, blameless, birthday, birth, bilingual, biblical, beverage, betterment, betrothed, berth, benign, benevolence, benefit, beneficial, benefactor, believing, befriend, befitting, beer, bedrock, beauty, beautify, beautiful, beautification, beaming, beam, bath, bastion, basketball, bargain, bard, baptismal, baptism, banquet, balsam, ballot, ballet, ballad, balanced, balance, backbone, baccalaureate, baby, aye, ay, award, avatar, authorized, authorization, authority, authoritative, author, authenticity, authentic, auspicious, aura, aunt, august, augment, attractiveness, attraction, attorney, attest, attentive, attention, attendant, attainment, attainable, attachment, atonement, atone, atom, athletic, athlete, astute, astronomer, astronaut, astrologer, astonishment, astonishingly, assured, assurance, assuage, associate, assistance, assist, assets, asserting, assent, assembly, aspiring, aspire, aspiration, ascent, ascendancy, artistic, artiste, artisan, articulation, articulate, art, array, arouse, aroma, armor, aristocratic, aristocracy, ardor, ardent, archaeology, aptitude, apt, approving, approve, approval, approbation, appreciation, applause, apostle, apology, apologize, apologetic, aplomb, antiseptic, antique, antifungal, antidote, antibiotics, animated, animate, angelic, angel, anchorage, anchor, analyst, amusing, amusement, amused, amuse, amour, amnesty, amicable, amiable, amenity, amends, amend, amenable, amen, ameliorate, ambition, ambassador, amazingly, aloha, almighty, ally, alluring, allure, allowable, allied, alleviation, alleviate, allegro, allegiance, allay, alive, alimentation, alertness, alabaster, aiding, aid, ahead, agriculture, agreement, agreeing, agreed, agreeable, agree, agility, agile, aga, afford, affluent, affluence, affirmatively, affirmative, affirmation, affirm, affiliated, affection, affable, aesthetics, aesthetic, advocacy, adviser, advise, advisable, adventurous, adventure, advent, advantageous, advantage, advancement, advanced, advance, adore, adoration, adorable, admissible, admirer, admire, admiration, admiral, admirable, adjunct, adequacy, adept, addresses, adaptable, adapt, acumen, acuity, actual, action, acrobat, acquiring, acquire, acknowledgment, achievement, achieve, ace, accurate, accueil, accredited, accountable, accountability, accord, accomplishment, accomplished, accomplish, accompaniment, accommodation, accolade, accessible, acceptance, acceptable, academy, academic, abundant, absorbed, absolution, absolute, abovementioned, ability, abba

Negative Words

zip, yelp, yellows, yell, yawning, yawn, xenophobia, wry, wrought, wrongly, wrongful, wrongdoing, wrong, wretched, wretch, wrestling, wrench, wrecked, wreck, wreak, wrath, wrangling, wound, worthless, worsening, worse, worrying, worry, worried, worn, worm, words, woefully, woeful, woe, withered, wither, withdraw, witchcraft, witch, wince, wimpy, wimp, willful, wildfire, wildcat, wild, wickedness, wicked, whore, whisky, whirlwind, whip, whine, whim, whack, wench, wen, weirdo, weird, weep, weeds, weary, weariness, wearily, wear, weakness, weakly, weakened, waver, watery, wasting, wasteful, wasted, waste, wart, warped, warp, warn, warlike, warfare, ware, warden, war, wanting, wane, wan, wallow, wait, wail, waffle, vulture, vulnerability, vulgarity, vulgar, voodoo, vomiting, volcano, volatility, vixen, visitation, virus, virulence, viper, violently, violent, violence, violation, vindictive, villainous, villain, victimized, victim, vicious, vice, veto, vertigo, versus, vermin, verge, verbosity, venomous, venom, vengeful, vengeance, vendetta, vehement, vegetative, varicose, varicella, vanity, vanished, vampire, vainly, vagueness, vague, vacuous, vacancy, usury, usurped, usurp, useless, urgent, urchin, upset, uproar, uprising, upheaval, unyielding, unworthy, unwitting, unwise, unwillingness, unwell, unwelcome, unwashed, unwarranted, untrustworthy, untrue, untrained, untoward, untold, untitled, untimely, untidy, unthinkable, untenable, untamed, unsympathetic, unsustainable, unsupported, unsung, unsuitable, unsuccessful, unstable, unspeakable, unsophisticated, unsightly, unsettled, unscrupulous, unsavory, unsatisfied, unsatisfactory, unsafe, unruly, unrequited, unreliable, unpublished, unprotected, unprofitable, unproductive, unprepared, unpredictable, unpopular, unpleasant, unpaid, unofficial, unnatural, unmanageable, unlucky, unlicensed, unlawful, unknown, unkind, unjustified, unjustifiable, unjust, uninteresting, uninterested, unintentionally, unintelligible, uninspired, uninitiated, uninformed, unimproved, unimpressed, unimportant, unholy, unhealthy, unhappy, unhappiness, ungrateful, ungodly, unfurnished, unfulfilled, unfriendly, unfortunate, unforgiving, unfinished, unfavorable, unfaithful, unfairness, unfair, unexplained, uneven, unequal, unemployed, uneducated, uneasy, uneasiness, undo, undesired, undesirable, undersized, underpaid, undermined, undecided, uncontrolled, uncontrollable, unconstitutional, unconscious, unconscionable, uncomfortable, unclean, unchangeable, uncertain, uncaring, uncanny, unborn, unbelievable, unbelief, unbearable, unaware, unavoidable, unauthorized, unattractive, unattainable, unattached, unapproved, unaccountable, unacceptable, unable, ultimatum, ulterior, ulcer, ugly, ugliness, tyrant, tyranny, tyrannical, typhoon, twitch, turmoil, turbulent, turbulence, tumultuous, tumult, tumour, tumor, tumble, trumpet, troublesome, troll, tripping, trifle, trickery, trick, tribunal, tribulation, trespass, trepidation, tremor, trembling, treason, treachery, treacherous, travesty, travail, traumatic, trashy, trash, traps, trappings, transgression, trance, tramp, traitor, tragic, tragedy, toxin, toxic, tough, touchy, touched, torture, tortious, tort, torrid, torpedo, torn, torment, toothache, tolerate, toils, toilet, tobacco, toad, tit, tiresome, tiredness, tired, tirade, tipsy, timidity, timid, tiff, thwart, thundering, thump, thug, throttle, throb, thresh, threatening, threaten, threat, thrash, thoughtless, thorny, thorn, thirsty, thief, theocratic, theism, theft, tether, tetanus, terrorize, terrorist, terrorism, terror, terrible, termite, termination, terminal, tenement, temptation, tempest, tedium, tedious, teasing, tease, tax, taunt, tasteless, tarry, tarnish, tariff, tardy, tardiness, tangled, talons, taint, taboo, syncope, symptom, swollen, swine, swig, swelling, swastika, swampy, swamp, swab, suspicious, suspicion, suspension, suspect, susceptible, surrendering, surrender, surly, surcharge, suppression, suppress, superstitious, superfluous, superficial, sunk, summons, sullen, suicide, suicidal, suffocation, suffocating, suffering, sufferer, suffer, sue, sucker, suck, succumb, subvert, subversive, subversion, subtract, subsist, subsidy, subsidence, subpoena, subordinate, subjugation, subjection, subjected, subject, subdue, sty, stupor, stupidity, stupid, stunted, stunned, stumble, stuffy, strut, struggle, stroke, stripped, stripe, strip, strike, strife, stress, stray, strangle, stranger, stranded, straits, strained, stormy, storm, stoppage, stools, stoned, stone, stolen, stocks, stint, stinking, stink, stingy, stinging, sting, stillborn, stigma, stifled, stifle, stiffness, stiff, stern, sterility, sterile, stereotyped, stereotype, stealthy, stealing, steal, stave, stationary, starving, starved, starvation, startle, stark, staring, standstill, standoff, stalk, stale, stain, stagnant, staggering, stab, squirm, squelch, squeamish, squatter, squall, spurious, sprite, spree, sprain, spook, sponge, spoke, spoiler, spoil, splitting, split, splinter, spiteful, spite, spinster, spent, speculation, spectral, specter, speck, spear, spat, spasm, spank, sour, soulmate, soulless, sortie, sorrowful, sorrow, soreness, sorely, sore, sordid, sorcery, soot, somber, somatic, soiled, soil, socialist, sob, soak, snob, snide, sneeze, sneer, sneaking, sneak, snarling, snarl, snare, snake, snags, snag, smut, smuggling, smuggler, smuggle, smug, smudge, smother, smoker, smite, smirk, smelling, smell, smattering, smashed, smash, small, smack, sly, slut, slush, slur, slump, slum, sluggish, slug, sludge, slowness, slough, slouch, sloth, sloppy, slop, slip, slink, slimy, sleet, slayer, slay, slavery, slave, slaughtering, slaughterhouse, slaughter, slap, slanderous, slander, slam, slag, slack, skirmish, skip, skid, skewed, sketchy, skeptical, sissy, siren, sinning, sinner, sinister, sinful, sin, silly, sickness, sickly, sickening, sick, shun, shudder, shrunk, shrink, shrill, shriek, showy, shove, shot, shortcoming, shortage, shoplifting, shooting, shoot, shoddy, shock, shiver, shit, shipwreck, shelved, shell, shed, shattered, shatter, shark, shanghai, shameless, shameful, shame, shambles, sham, shaky, shaking, shady, shackle, shack, shabby, sewerage, sewage, sever, setback, servitude, servile, serve, servant, serpent, serene, sequestration, septic, sepsis, separatist, sentence, senseless, senile, selfishness, selfish, seize, segregated, segregate, seduction, seduce, sedition, sectarian, secretive, secretion, secondhand, secluded, secession, sear, scum, scrutiny, scrutinize, scrub, scrimmage, screwed, screech, screaming, scream, scrapie, scrambling, scourge, scoundrel, scotch, scorpion, scorn, scorching, scolding, scold, scoff, sciatica, schizophrenia, schism, scheme, scavenger, scare, scarcity, scarcely, scarce, scar, scapegoat, scanty, scandalous, scandal, scaly, scalpel, scaffold, scab, savagery, savage, saturated, satanic, sardonic, sarcoma, sarcasm, sap, sag, sadness, sadly, sacrifices, sabotage, saber, ruthless, rusty, rust, ruse, rupture, runaway, rumor, ruinous, ruined, ruin, rugged, ruffle, rue, rubble, rubbish, rowdy, row, rout, roughness, rotting, rot, rook, rogue, robbery, robber, rob, rivalry, risky, risk, riotous, riot, ringer, rigorous, rigor, rigidity, rigid, rift, rifle, rife, ridiculous, ridicule, riddled, rickety, rheumatism, revulsion, revolver, revolting, revolt, revoke, revocation, reversal, revenge, retrograde, retribution, retrenchment, retraction, retract, retort, reticent, retardation, retard, retaliatory, retaliation, retaliate, restrictive, restriction, restrict, restrain, resisting, resistant, resistance, resist, resigned, resignation, resign, resentment, resentful, resent, rescission, rescind, repulsion, repudiation, republic, reproach, reprisal, reprint, reprimand, repression, repress, repelling, repellent, repellant, renunciation, renounce, renegade, rend, rencontre, remove, removal, remorse, remiss, remedial, remand, reluctant, relinquish, relegation, relapse, rejects, rejection, rejected, reject, rein, regulatory, regretting, regretted, regrettable, regret, regression, regress, refused, refuse, refusal, refractory, reflux, redundant, recklessness, reckless, recidivism, recession, recalcitrant, rebut, rebuke, rebel, rear, reactionary, raving, ravenous, raucous, rating, rat, rash, rascal, raptors, rape, ransom, rancid, rampage, rambling, ram, rail, raid, rags, raging, rage, radon, radioactive, radiation, racket, rack, rabies, rabid, rabble, quiz, quivering, quiver, quit, quicksilver, questionable, quell, quash, quarrel, quandary, quail, quagmire, quack, pus, purge, purgatory, punitive, punishment, punishing, punished, punish, pungent, punch, puffy, publicist, psychosis, prying, pry, provoking, provocation, prostitution, prostitute, prosecution, prosecute, propaganda, promiscuous, prolong, prohibition, prohibited, profusion, profanity, profane, procrastination, procrastinate, problem, privy, prisoner, prison, prickly, prick, prey, preventive, pretensions, pretense, pretending, pretended, pretend, presumptuous, pressure, premeditated, prejudicial, prejudiced, prejudice, pregnancy, predicament, predatory, precinct, precarious, prank, powerless, poverty, pound, postponement, posthumous, possession, possessed, pose, pornography, pornographic, porno, porn, porcupine, pop, poorly, ponderous, pompous, pomp, polygamy, pollution, pollute, polio, polemic, poke, poisonous, poisoning, poisoned, poison, pointless, poaching, pneumonia, plunge, plunder, plummet, plodding, plight, plea, player, plated, plaintiff, plague, plagiarism, pitfall, pistol, pirate, piracy, pique, pinion, pine, pimple, pimp, pillage, piles, pigeon, pig, pickle, picketing, picket, phony, phlegm, phantom, petty, pet, pestilence, pest, pessimist, pessimism, perverted, pervert, perversion, perverse, pertussis, perturbation, persecution, persecute, perplexity, perplexed, perpetuation, perpetrator, pernicious, perjury, perishing, perished, perishable, perish, perilous, peril, perdition, penitentiary, penetration, penalty, penal, pedestrian, peculiarities, payment, payback, pawn, pauper, paucity, patter, patronizing, pathetic, patch, passivity, passive, passe, partisan, parsimonious, parrot, pare, parasite, paranoia, paralyzed, paralysis, panic, pang, pandemic, palsy, pains, painfully, painful, pained, pain, oxidation, owing, overwhelmed, overwhelm, overturn, overthrow, oversight, overpriced, overpowering, overpower, overpaid, overload, overgrown, overflow, overestimated, overdue, overdose, overdo, overcast, overburden, overbearing, ovation, outrage, outlaw, outlandish, outhouse, outcry, outcast, oust, ostensibly, orphan, ordnance, ordeal, orc, oppressor, oppressive, oppression, oppress, opposition, opposed, oppose, opponent, opium, opinionated, opiate, operatic, opaque, ooze, onus, onerous, omit, ominous, omen, oligarchy, olfactory, ogre, offing, offhand, offensive, offense, offender, offended, offend, odor, odious, oddity, occult, obtuse, obstructive, obstruction, obstruct, obstinate, obstacle, obscurity, obscenity, obscene, obnoxious, oblivion, obliteration, obliterated, obliterate, obligor, oblige, objectionable, objection, obituary, obit, obi, obesity, obese, oaf, nun, numbness, numb, nullify, nul, nuisance, noxious, nothingness, noose, nonsensical, nonsense, noncompliance, noisy, noise, nihilism, nightmare, nigger, nicotine, neurotic, neurosis, neuralgia, nettle, nether, nervous, nepotism, negro, negligently, negligent, negligence, neglecting, neglected, neglect, negative, negation, nefarious, needy, needful, nay, nauseous, nausea, naughty, nasty, narcotic, nappy, nameless, naive, nag, nadir, nab, myopia, muzzle, mutter, mutiny, mutilation, mutilated, mutant, musty, muss, murky, murderous, murderer, murder, mumps, mumble, mum, mule, muff, muddy, muddled, muddle, mud, muck, mourning, mournful, mourn, mosquito, mortuary, mortification, mortality, mortal, morsel, moronic, moron, moribund, morgue, morbidity, morbid, moot, moody, monstrosity, monster, monsoon, monopolist, monochrome, molestation, mocking, mockery, mob, mite, misuse, misunderstanding, misunderstand, mistrust, mistress, mistaken, mistake, misstatement, missing, misrepresented, misrepresentation, misrepresent, misplaced, misplace, misnomer, mismatch, mismanagement, misleading, mislead, misinterpretation, mishap, misguided, misfortune, misery, miserably, miserable, misconduct, misconception, mischievous, mischief, miscarriage, misbehavior, mire, minority, minimum, minimize, mimicry, militia, mildew, methanol, metastasis, messy, mess, merciless, mercenary, menial, menacing, menace, meltdown, melodrama, melee, melancholy, melancholic, mediocrity, mediocre, meddle, measles, meaningless, meandering, materialist, materialism, massacre, masochism, martyrdom, martyr, martingale, maroon, margin, mar, manure, manslaughter, manipulation, manipulate, maniacal, maniac, mania, mangle, mange, mandamus, malpractice, malignant, malignancy, malign, malicious, malice, malformation, malfeasance, malevolent, malaria, malaise, malady, makeshift, maggot, mafia, madness, madman, madden, mad, mace, lynch, lying, lustful, lust, lush, lurking, lurk, lurid, lure, lurch, lunatic, lunacy, lumpy, lump, lumbering, ludicrous, lowly, lowlands, lowest, lowering, lower, louse, lounge, loudness, lost, loss, losing, lose, loot, loony, loon, loom, loo, lonesome, lonely, loneliness, lofty, locust, lockup, lobbyist, loathsome, loathing, loathe, loath, loafer, loaf, livid, litter, litigious, litigation, litigate, litigant, listless, liquor, lint, limp, limited, lifeless, lie, lick, libel, liar, liaison, lewd, levy, leukemia, lethargy, lethal, lesser, lessen, lesbian, leprosy, lemon, leer, leeches, leech, leave, leaky, leakage, leak, lazy, laxative, lax, lawyer, lawsuit, lawlessness, lava, laughable, latrines, latent, lateness, late, lash, larceny, lapse, languishing, languish, languid, landslide, lament, lair, lagging, lag, laden, lackluster, lacking, lack, labyrinth, laborious, labored, knotted, knell, kite, killing, kill, kidnap, kick, kern, juvenile, junta, junk, jumble, jornada, joke, john, jeopardy, jeopardize, jealousy, jealous, jaundice, jarring, jargon, jail, jabber, isolation, isolated, irritation, irritating, irritable, irritability, irrevocable, irreverent, irresponsible, irreparable, irrelevant, irregularity, irregular, irreconcilable, irrationality, irrational, irons, ire, irate, involution, involuntary, invasion, invalidity, invalidation, invalidate, invader, invade, intrusive, intrusion, intruder, intrigue, intractable, intoxicated, intolerant, intolerance, intolerable, intimidation, intimidate, intestate, interrupted, interrupt, interment, interference, interdiction, inter, insurrection, insurmountable, insurgent, insulting, insult, insufficiently, insufficient, insufficiency, instigation, instigate, instability, insolvent, insolvency, insolent, insipid, insignificant, insignificance, insidious, insecurity, insecure, insanity, insane, inoperative, inmate, injustice, injury, injurious, injured, injure, injunction, iniquity, inimical, inhumanity, inhuman, inhospitable, inhibit, infringement, infrequently, infraction, informer, influenza, infliction, inflict, inflation, inflated, inflammation, infirmity, infirm, infidelity, infidel, infestation, infertility, inferno, inferiority, inferior, infectious, infection, infect, infarct, infantile, infanticide, infamy, infamous, inexplicable, inexperienced, inexperience, inexcusable, inert, inequitable, inequality, ineptitude, inept, inefficient, inefficiency, ineffectual, ineffective, indolent, indoctrination, indistinct, indignation, indignant, indigent, indifference, indictment, indict, indeterminate, indenture, indemnify, indefensible, indecisive, indecision, indecent, incursion, incurable, incur, incubus, incrimination, incredulous, incorrect, inconvenient, inconsistency, inconsiderate, inconsequential, incongruous, incomprehensible, incompleteness, incompetent, incompetence, incompatible, incoherent, inclement, incite, incineration, incestuous, incest, incessant, incense, incendiary, incase, incarceration, incapacity, incalculable, inaudible, inattention, inappropriate, inapplicable, inane, inadmissible, inadequate, inadequacy, inactivity, inaction, inaccurate, inaccessible, inability, imputation, impurity, impure, imprudent, impropriety, imprisonment, imprisoned, imprison, impracticable, impound, impotent, impotence, impossible, imposition, impolite, implicate, implacable, impersonation, impersonate, imperfectly, imperfection, impede, impeachment, impeach, impatient, impatience, impassable, impairment, impair, immorality, immoral, immaturity, immature, imitation, imitated, illusion, illogical, illness, illiterate, illicit, illegitimate, illegible, illegality, illegal, ill, ignore, ignorant, ignorance, idolatry, idler, idiotic, idiot, idiocy, hysterical, hysteria, hypocritical, hypocrite, hypocrisy, hyperbole, hype, hydrocephalus, hydra, hustler, hurting, hurtful, hurt, hurried, hurricane, hunting, hunter, hungry, hunch, humiliation, humiliating, humiliate, humbug, huff, howl, hostility, hostilities, hostile, hostage, horrors, horror, horrifying, horrified, horrific, horrid, horribly, horrible, horde, hopelessness, hopeless, hoot, hooked, hood, homosexuality, homicide, homicidal, homesick, homeless, holocaust, hollow, hog, hobo, hoax, hoary, hoarse, hive, hitherto, hit, hissing, hiss, hippie, hindrance, hindering, hideous, hidden, hesitation, herpesvirus, herpes, heroin, hermaphrodite, heretic, heresy, hemorrhoids, hemorrhage, helplessness, helpless, hellish, hell, heinous, heighten, heel, heavily, heathen, heartless, heartburn, heartache, hearse, hearsay, hearing, heady, headache, haze, hazardous, hazard, havoc, haunted, haunt, haughty, hatred, hating, hateful, hate, hasty, hashish, hash, harshness, harry, harrowing, harmful, harm, harlot, hardship, hardness, hardened, harbinger, harass, hangman, hanging, handicap, hamstring, hamper, halting, halter, hallucination, halfway, hairy, haggard, hag, gypsy, guzzling, gush, gun, gullible, gull, guise, guilty, guilt, guillotine, guile, guerilla, grumpy, grumble, gruff, gruesome, grudgingly, grudge, growling, growl, groundless, grounded, grotesque, gross, grope, groan, grizzly, grisly, grinding, grimy, grime, grim, grievous, grieve, grievance, grief, grenade, greedy, greed, grave, grating, grated, grate, grasping, grab, government, gout, gouge, gossip, gory, gorilla, gorge, gore, goo, gonorrhea, godless, goblin, gnome, gluttony, glut, glum, gloomy, gloom, glib, glaring, glare, glacial, gibberish, ghostly, ghetto, ghastly, geriatric, gent, gaunt, gauche, gasping, gash, garnish, garish, garbage, gap, gaol, gang, gambling, gambler, gamble, gallows, gall, gag, gaby, futility, futile, fussy, fuss, fury, furor, furious, funk, fungus, fuming, fume, fumble, fugitive, fudge, frustration, frustrated, frustrate, fruitless, frowning, frown, froth, frostbite, frivolous, frigid, frightful, frightened, frighten, fright, fret, frenzy, frenzied, frenetic, freezing, freakish, frayed, fray, fraught, fraudulent, fraud, frantic, frailty, fragile, fracture, foul, forsaken, forsake, fornication, formless, forlorn, forgotten, forget, forgery, forfeiture, forfeited, forfeit, forewarned, foreigner, foreign, forego, foreclose, foreboding, forcibly, forced, force, forbidding, forbid, foray, forage, foolishness, foolish, fool, folly, foiled, foe, fluctuation, flu, flounder, flop, flog, flinch, fleshy, fleece, flee, flea, flaw, flaunt, flatulence, flap, flake, flagrant, flagging, flaccid, flabby, fits, firearms, filthy, filth, filibuster, fighting, fight, fierce, fiend, fictitious, fickle, fib, fiasco, feverish, feudalism, feudal, feud, ferocity, ferocious, ferment, felony, felon, fell, feigned, feeble, fee, feces, fecal, febrile, fearing, fearfully, fearful, fear, fawn, faulty, fault, fatty, fatigued, fatigue, fate, fatality, fatal, fat, fasting, farcical, farce, fanatic, famine, falter, falsity, falsify, falsification, falsely, falsehood, fallow, falling, fallible, fallacy, fallacious, fall, fake, faithless, fainting, failure, failing, faeces, fade, fabrication, fabricate, extremity, extrajudicial, extinguish, extinct, extermination, exterminate, expulsion, expropriation, exposed, explosive, explosion, explode, expired, expire, expenses, expenditure, expel, expatriate, exorcism, exile, exigent, exhaustion, exhausted, exhaust, executioner, execution, excuse, excruciating, excrement, exclusion, excluding, excluded, excise, excess, excavation, exasperation, examination, exaggerated, exaggerate, exacting, exacerbation, exacerbate, evil, eviction, evict, evasion, evade, evacuation, evacuate, euthanasia, estranged, espionage, eschew, escalate, eruption, erupt, error, erroneous, erratum, erratic, errant, err, erosion, erase, eradication, eradicate, epilepsy, epidemic, envious, entrails, entanglement, entangled, enslavement, enslaved, enslave, enmity, enigmatic, enforcement, enemy, endemic, endangered, endanger, encumbrance, encroachment, enclave, emergency, embroiled, embolism, embezzlement, embarrassment, embarrassing, embarrass, embargo, emaciated, elusive, elimination, ejection, eject, egregious, egotistical, effeminate, edict, eavesdropping, earthquake, dysentery, dying, dwarfed, dust, duress, duplicity, dupe, dungeon, dun, dumps, dummy, dumb, dull, dubious, drunkenness, drunken, drudgery, drowsiness, drown, drought, drooping, drone, drivel, drinking, dreary, dreadfully, dreadful, dread, drawback, drainage, drab, downfall, dour, douche, doubting, doubtful, doubt, doomsday, doomed, doom, doodle, donkey, domination, dominant, dolor, dole, doldrums, doit, docked, dizzy, dizziness, divorce, divestment, divested, divergent, disused, disuse, disturbed, disturbance, distrust, distressing, distressed, distress, distraught, distraction, distracting, distracted, distract, distortion, distorted, distasteful, distaste, dissonance, dissolution, dissident, disservice, dissenting, dissension, dissatisfaction, disruption, disrespectful, disrespect, disreputable, disregarded, disregard, disqualify, disqualified, disqualification, dispute, dispossessed, disposal, displeasure, displeased, displace, dispersion, dispel, dispassionate, disparity, disparaging, disparage, disorganized, disorderly, disorder, disobey, disobedient, disobedience, dismissal, dismemberment, dismay, dismal, dislocated, disliked, dislike, disinterested, disintegration, disintegrate, disingenuous, disinformation, disillusionment, dishonor, dishonesty, dishonest, disheartening, disheartened, disgusting, disgust, disgruntled, disgraceful, disgraced, disgrace, disfigured, disengagement, disembodied, diseased, disease, disdain, discrimination, discriminating, discriminate, discredit, discouragement, discourage, discord, discontinuity, discontinue, discontent, disconnection, disconnected, disconnect, discomfort, discolored, discoloration, disclaim, discipline, discharge, discards, disbelieve, disastrous, disaster, disapproving, disapproved, disapprove, disapproval, disappointment, disappointing, disappointed, disappoint, disallowed, disagreement, disagreeing, disagree, disaffected, disabled, disable, disability, dirty, dirt, dire, din, diminished, diminish, dilute, dilapidated, digress, difficulty, difficulties, die, dictatorship, dictatorial, dictator, diatribe, diagnosis, diabolical, devour, devolution, devious, devilish, devil, devastation, devastating, devastate, detritus, detrimental, detriment, detract, detonate, detest, deterioration, deteriorated, deteriorate, detention, detainee, detain, detachment, destructive, destruction, destroying, destroyer, destroyed, destitute, despotism, despotic, despise, despicable, desperate, despairing, despair, desolation, desist, desertion, deserted, desert, desecration, derogatory, derogation, derision, derelict, deranged, deprivation, depressive, depression, depressing, depressed, depress, depreciation, depreciated, depreciate, depravity, depraved, deportation, deport, deplore, deplorable, dependency, dependence, departure, departed, denying, deny, denunciation, denounce, denied, denial, demoralized, demonic, demon, demolition, demolish, demise, dementia, demented, demanding, demand, delusional, delusion, deluge, delirium, delirious, delinquent, delinquency, deletion, deleterious, delayed, delay, degrading, degrade, degradation, degenerate, degeneracy, defy, defunct, defraud, deformity, deformed, deform, deflation, deflate, deficit, deficiency, defiant, defiance, deferral, defenseless, defective, defection, defect, defeated, defeat, default, defamatory, defamation, deduct, decry, decrepit, decrement, decrease, decomposition, declining, decline, declination, deceptive, deception, deceiving, deceived, deceive, deceitful, deceit, deceased, decayed, decay, debtor, debt, debris, debauchery, debacle, death, deaf, deadly, deadlock, deactivate, dazed, dastardly, dashed, darkness, darkened, darken, dangerous, danger, dandy, dandruff, damper, damned, damnation, damn, damages, damage, dagger, daft, daemon, dabbling, cytomegalovirus, cyst, cyclone, cyanide, cutting, cutthroat, cutter, cursory, cursing, cursed, curse, cur, cupping, cumbersome, cult, culprit, culpable, culpability, cull, cuckoo, cuckold, crypt, crying, cry, crusty, crushing, crushed, crusade, crunch, crumbling, cruelty, cruelly, cruel, crude, crucifixion, cruciate, crouching, cross, crook, criticize, criticism, critic, crisp, crisis, crippled, cripple, cringe, criminality, criminal, crime, creep, creature, creaking, crazy, crazed, crawl, crash, crap, cranky, crank, cramped, cramp, cracking, cracked, crack, crabby, cowardly, cowardice, coward, covet, coursing, counsellor, cough, corruption, corrupting, corrupt, corrosive, corrosion, correction, corpse, corporal, coroner, copycat, copy, coop, conviction, convict, controversy, controversial, contravention, contravene, contrasted, contrary, contradictory, contradiction, contradict, contracted, contraband, contentious, contemptuous, contemptible, contempt, contamination, contaminated, contaminate, contagious, contagion, constraint, constrained, constrain, constipation, consternation, conspire, conspirator, conquest, conjuring, congestion, confusion, confuse, confounded, confound, conflicting, conflict, conflagration, confiscation, confiscate, confinement, confined, confine, confession, condescension, condescending, condemnation, condemn, concussion, conceited, conceit, concealment, concealed, conceal, compulsory, compulsion, compost, complication, complicated, complicate, complexity, complexed, complaint, complain, competition, communist, communism, commotion, committal, combative, combatant, combat, comatose, coma, collusion, collision, collapse, colic, coldness, coldly, cold, coffin, coercion, coerce, cocaine, clumsy, clump, cloudiness, clouded, cloister, claw, clashing, clash, clamor, cigarette, chronic, chore, chop, cholera, choke, chloroform, chilly, childish, chicane, cheesecake, cheat, cheap, chatty, chastisement, chase, chargeable, charade, chaotic, chaos, challenge, chagrin, chafing, chaff, cessation, cess, censure, censor, cemetery, cede, caution, catheter, catastrophe, cataract, casualty, caste, casket, case, cartel, carnivorous, carnal, carnage, caries, caricature, carelessness, cardiomyopathy, carcinoma, carcass, capture, captor, captivity, captive, cannon, cannibalism, cannibal, canker, cancer, cancel, campaigning, calls, callous, calculating, cage, cadaver, cad, cacophony, cabal, buzzed, butt, butcher, busted, burnt, burke, buried, burial, burglary, burglar, bureaucrat, bureaucracy, burdensome, bummer, bum, bully, bulbous, bugaboo, bug, buffet, brute, brutality, brutal, brunt, bruise, brothel, broken, broke, broil, broadside, bristle, brimstone, brigade, bribery, bribe, breakup, breakneck, breakdown, breach, brazen, brawl, bravado, brandy, brag, boycott, boy, bovine, bout, bound, bottom, bothering, bother, borrower, boring, boredom, bore, booze, booby, boo, bonds, bondage, bombed, bombardment, bombard, bomb, boilerplate, boil, bogus, bog, boasting, blush, blurred, blur, blunder, bluff, blues, blowout, blower, blot, bloody, bloodthirsty, bloodshed, blockade, blob, bloated, blister, blindness, blindly, blinded, blind, blighted, blight, blemish, bleeding, bleak, blaze, blather, blatant, blast, blasphemy, blasphemous, bland, blame, blackness, blackmail, blackjack, black, bizarre, bitterness, bitterly, bite, bitch, birthplace, birch, biopsy, bile, bigoted, bigot, bier, bickering, biased, bias, bewildered, beware, betrayal, betray, bestial, berserk, bereft, bereavement, bereaved, bender, belt, belligerent, belittle, belated, beholden, behemoth, begging, beggar, beg, befall, beating, beastly, beast, bearer, bayonet, bawdy, battlefield, battled, battle, battery, battered, batter, bastard, baseless, barrier, barricade, barren, barred, bark, barbarism, barbaric, barbarian, barb, banshee, bankruptcy, bankrupt, banishment, banished, banish, banger, bang, bane, bandit, ban, balk, bale, bait, bailiff, badness, badly, badger, bad, bacterium, bacteria, backwater, backwards, backward, baboon, babbling, babble, awry, awkwardness, awful, avoidance, avoid, aversion, averse, avenger, avarice, avalanche, autopsy, autocratic, austerity, austere, audacity, attenuation, attenuated, attacking, attack, atrophy, atrocity, atrocious, atherosclerosis, atheism, asylum, astringent, astray, asshole, assault, assassination, assassinate, assassin, assailant, assail, ass, ashes, ashamed, ash, artillery, arson, arsenic, arrogant, arrogance, arrest, arrears, arraignment, armaments, arid, argumentative, argument, argue, arduous, archaic, appropriation, apprehensive, apprehension, appendicitis, appalling, aphid, apathy, apathetic, apache, anxious, anxiety, antithesis, antisocial, antiquated, antipathy, antichrist, anthrax, antagonistic, antagonist, antagonism, anonymous, anomaly, annulment, annul, annoying, annoyance, annoy, annihilation, annihilated, annihilate, animus, animosity, anguish, angry, angling, angina, anger, ancient, anathema, anarchy, anarchist, anarchism, anal, anaconda, amphetamines, amnesia, ambush, ambiguous, altercation, aloof, allege, allegation, alimony, alienation, alienated, alienate, alien, alcoholism, alarming, alarm, airs, aimless, ailing, ail, aground, agony, agonizing, agitation, agitated, aghast, aggressor, aggressive, aggression, aggravation, aggravating, aggravated, aftertaste, aftermath, afraid, affront, affliction, afflicted, afflict, adversity, adverse, adversary, adultery, adulterated, adrift, admonition, adjudicate, adipose, addiction, adder, actionable, acid, aching, ache, accusing, accuser, accused, accusative, accusation, accursed, accidental, accident, abyss, abysmal, abuse, absurdity, absurd, absenteeism, absentee, absent, absence, abscess, abrogate, abrasion, abortive, abortion, abort, abomination, abominable, abolition, abolish, abnormal, abject, abhorrent, abhor, aberration, aberrant, abduction, abandonment, abandoned, abandon